I don’t knee-d this.

On the two week anniversary of having our very own home, Craig & I were in the process of refinishing furniture, putting things away and hanging artwork on the wall.  I went into the garage to get something and was walking in between my car and a shelf.  I tried to move my right foot and it didn’t move, but the rest of me did.  I twisted my knee really bad, ended up hitting my head on the washer & dryer, landed on my back with my feet on the hood of my car.  I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk or put any pressure on it what so ever.  Being that we have a pier & beam house, Craig had to lift me up into the house, with me screaming and crying of course.

Early x-rays indicated that I might have dislocated my knee cap.  We were all hoping for that because it means no surgery and just some therapy to get things back into shape.  However, my MRI results showed that I had a pot hole in my articular cartilage and I was given the unfortunate news that I will have to have arthroscopic surgery.  There is a possibility that I have damage to one of my ligaments, but they won’t be certain until I go under the knife.

I’m not sure when the surgery is going to be yet.  Craig takes me back to the surgeon on Thursday to see what is going to happen.

13 years almost to the day I had this same surgery on my left knee.  I can’t believe I have to do this again.


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