guest room update

I promise…. One day I’ll be better about blogging and updating!

I wanted to show you guys how the old metal bed in our guest bedroom turned out.

Thanks to my super sweet hubby, the bed was sanded and rust was removed.

I went ahead and sprayed painted both the headboard and foot board with a Rustoleum Heavy Rust Primer.

After applying a very yummy color from the new Martha Stewart line at Home Depot (a product that I highly recommend), here is the end product!

The painting above is something that I did while going through art school. I always painted my pieces on plywood because going through school I didn’t have much money. They were so much cheaper than the gallery wrap canvases and had a rustic quality of them. It’s still on of my favorite pieces.

I love the way my black & white Waverly pillow shams and pillow from Target look! I found all three on clearance and only paid about $15 for all three. Not bad in my book!

Along with those pillows, I added some vintage pillow cases that are very special to me. My Gran-Jan (grandmother) and Great Aunt Shirley have sent me several boxes of these. Their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts made them as their wedding gifts. I was very honored to receive them and one day will add our monogram to them. They are something I treasure! Vintage linens are a weakness of mine for sure! I also received the other day in the mail a crocheted table cloth that my Great Aunt Shirley sent me. It’s one that my Great-Grandmother John made for her. To help preserve it and still showcase it, I decided to put it at the foot of the bed.

I also got a new end table for this room at an estate sale for $25. I plan on painting it cream with a little distress and chocolate brown glaze. Now all I need is time….. of course!

Hope to be posting more soon!


1 Response to “guest room update”

  1. 1 Laci 11 July 2010 at 6:02 pm

    Super cute, Charli Rae! Love it!

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