how to make patterned letters

Ashley asked me awhile back how to make pattered letters in Photoshop.  You can also do it in Illustrator, it’s a little different, but if you are interested, I can do that one, too.  I’m using CS4 for Mac.

1.  So you can do one of two things to get started.

a.) Open up a file that you have already – or – b.) Start a new file with the exact file size you need, then add your pattern in. – I’m going with the second option.

So, I’m going to go to  file>new.  You’ll get a pop-up window that looks like this:

Now there are a couple of important things to know here.  If you are doing something for your blog or online, you’ll want to make sure that your width and height are in pixels and that your resolution is 72.  If you are doing it for print (like invitations, etc.), make sure that your width and height are in inches and the resolution is 300.  I’m going to say mine is for print, so my window looks like this:

I made my art palette 8″ x 5″ at 300 DPI (resolution) and changed the background contents to transparent.

2.  So now my palette is the size I need it to be. Now here I added my background by opening a file I had and dragging the layer over into the palette I’m working in.  Again, you can open your file you want to work with directly open, but I wanted to keep it the same so I can use it over and over again.  It’s totally your preference.)

I have my background of old graph paper and I’m ready.

This is what my layer palette looks like.  Notice I have a background that is transparent and then a layer for my graph paper.

3.  Next we are going to type on top of the graph paper.  I always do it on top so that I can see everything I’m doing. You can do it on a layer behind, but this is better I think.  On your tools palette, select your text tool.

I select the font and size that I want, the type the text I want to add a pattern to.  I’m going to use “create”.

After I hit enter, my art palette will look like this: (It doesn’t matter what color you use for your type because it won’t effect the end result.  Just use a color that helps you see what you are doing.)

4.  After I have my type like I want it, I’m going to go back to the layer palette.  I am going make sure I have “create” selected, then in the box with the eye, I’m going to do an “apple + click the mouse”.  (I can’t remember the windows equivalent for this).  What this is going to do is make a selection around the type.

Your art palette will then look like this:

5.  This step is pretty important for it to turn out properly.  While keeping the selection around the type, I’m going to select the graph paper layer on my layer palette.  All you’ll have to do is click on the other layer once.  What this does essentially is going to allow the selection to be transferred to the graph paper so that anything done from this point on isn’t applied to the word create.

6. I’ll now go to my Photoshop menu about and click select>inverse.

Your art palette will now look like this:

You can now see that the selection has been altered to where it goes around the word create and is now longer selecting the word create.

7.  Now for the magic, hit the delete button.  The background will now disappear and all you will be left with is create.

To view only the graph paper in “create form”, deselect the eye icon next on the layer named “create” on the layer palette.

And this is what you are left with!

To help illustrate better what the final product looks like, I threw in a background behind it.

From here, always save your file.  I suggest saving the .psd (Photoshop) file, then saving a .jpg file in case you ever need to go back and make alterations at a later date.

Here is our final file!

Now, go create!


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