After starting college majoring in engineering, I took a 180º turn and chose graphic design. While finishing up school, I worked for an architectural ornamentation shop that manufactured cast stone. I did their graphics, sales,  marketing, and advertising in national magazines. After graduation, I gained a lot of experience in web design and worked my way up to managing a website and department for a university.

I have always had a passion for making and creating things since I was a kid. I always had to know how things worked. My dad made me a tool belt and outfitted it with tools. My brother and I had many adventures building things with scrap wood. I created many things including street signs for when we were riding our Power Wheels and a chaise lounge for my Barbies.  I love taking something that has been tossed aside or using something that is plain and reinventing it into something unexpected or new.  Through art school a professor of mine continually said, “put your hand in it.” We didn’t always like said professor or his ways, but as time goes by I realize he was correct on this one thing.  By doing things yourself and adding a little paint, thread, or some settle detailing, an item can become take on a life of it’s own and we become better artisans.

My dream job would be to have my own boutique store and do event planning and design.  We purchased our first home in 2009 and this blog is to show the projects we are doing, as well as showcasing other sewing, craft and other adventures.  I hope to inspire others and exchange ideas and techniques.

Happy creating!

Charli Rae


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