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getting ready for fall…

The weather here is perfect after several, several hot days.  It’s drizzly, rainy and isn’t supposed to be warmer than 75.  I’ve been craving doing some fall projects, but when it’s still so hot outside, it’s really hard to think pumpkins, leaves, and beautiful autumn colors.  Here are some of the projects I’m going to be working on in the next week or so.

1.  Fabric pumpkin tutorial from V & Co. >>
She also has instructions for tomatoes!  It’s great because it doesn’t matter your style of fabric, as long as it is fall colors it will go with your style and look great!

2.  Fall bunting.  I think I want to do black & white prints for Halloween and put “trick or treat” on mine.
On Etsy from SparklePower >>

3.  And since it’s getting cooler outside, I really want to tackle painting my house.  I’ll be making some trips to Sherwin-Williams and Home Depot to get samples soon!  Did you know that Sherwin-Williams has great tools online to help you select your colors?  >>
I’ll probably be using that, as well as, photoshop to determine the hue winner. Does anyone else take Pantone swatch books into the paint store?

4.  New garden flag for out front.  I like how Tatortos and Jello’s guest blogger, Random Thoughts of a Super Mom, did theirs and used burlap – which comes in a great orange color and it so cheap!
tutorial here >>

That’s probably more than I’ll get done, but I’ll tell you one thing I HAVE to do every year….  homemade roasted pumpkin seeds with chili lime seasoning…  : )

Charli Rae


guest room update

I promise…. One day I’ll be better about blogging and updating!

I wanted to show you guys how the old metal bed in our guest bedroom turned out.

Thanks to my super sweet hubby, the bed was sanded and rust was removed.

I went ahead and sprayed painted both the headboard and foot board with a Rustoleum Heavy Rust Primer.

After applying a very yummy color from the new Martha Stewart line at Home Depot (a product that I highly recommend), here is the end product!

The painting above is something that I did while going through art school. I always painted my pieces on plywood because going through school I didn’t have much money. They were so much cheaper than the gallery wrap canvases and had a rustic quality of them. It’s still on of my favorite pieces.

I love the way my black & white Waverly pillow shams and pillow from Target look! I found all three on clearance and only paid about $15 for all three. Not bad in my book!

Along with those pillows, I added some vintage pillow cases that are very special to me. My Gran-Jan (grandmother) and Great Aunt Shirley have sent me several boxes of these. Their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts made them as their wedding gifts. I was very honored to receive them and one day will add our monogram to them. They are something I treasure! Vintage linens are a weakness of mine for sure! I also received the other day in the mail a crocheted table cloth that my Great Aunt Shirley sent me. It’s one that my Great-Grandmother John made for her. To help preserve it and still showcase it, I decided to put it at the foot of the bed.

I also got a new end table for this room at an estate sale for $25. I plan on painting it cream with a little distress and chocolate brown glaze. Now all I need is time….. of course!

Hope to be posting more soon!

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