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guest room update

I promise…. One day I’ll be better about blogging and updating!

I wanted to show you guys how the old metal bed in our guest bedroom turned out.

Thanks to my super sweet hubby, the bed was sanded and rust was removed.

I went ahead and sprayed painted both the headboard and foot board with a Rustoleum Heavy Rust Primer.

After applying a very yummy color from the new Martha Stewart line at Home Depot (a product that I highly recommend), here is the end product!

The painting above is something that I did while going through art school. I always painted my pieces on plywood because going through school I didn’t have much money. They were so much cheaper than the gallery wrap canvases and had a rustic quality of them. It’s still on of my favorite pieces.

I love the way my black & white Waverly pillow shams and pillow from Target look! I found all three on clearance and only paid about $15 for all three. Not bad in my book!

Along with those pillows, I added some vintage pillow cases that are very special to me. My Gran-Jan (grandmother) and Great Aunt Shirley have sent me several boxes of these. Their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts made them as their wedding gifts. I was very honored to receive them and one day will add our monogram to them. They are something I treasure! Vintage linens are a weakness of mine for sure! I also received the other day in the mail a crocheted table cloth that my Great Aunt Shirley sent me. It’s one that my Great-Grandmother John made for her. To help preserve it and still showcase it, I decided to put it at the foot of the bed.

I also got a new end table for this room at an estate sale for $25. I plan on painting it cream with a little distress and chocolate brown glaze. Now all I need is time….. of course!

Hope to be posting more soon!

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heavy metal

Can I just say that I’ve ALWAYS wanted a vintage metal frame bed? I’m obsessed with them. Well, the bed fairy came to my house yesterday (aka, my parents). They had one in storage that needs some love. I have always lusted after the ornate ones, but this one just seems to scream – paint me bright turquoise!

it’s missing the vertical braces on the foot board, but isn’t it lovely? I think it will be amazing once it’s done! We are planning on putting it in our guest bedroom. I’m hoping I can get it done this week.

I was inspired by this blog post from Julie at Joy’s Hope that I ran across yesterday. Of course, her bed was very ornate in nature and was wood, but I needed a splash of color in that room and I think turquoise is the answer!

Julie got her bed off of Craig’s List and I think it was an amazing find! Read more about it here: Don’t you just LOVE the fabrics that are on the bedding? It reminds me of stuff from Heather Bailey: I love all the different patterns and colors.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post an update on the progress soon! Until then, I’m back to doing some graphic design. : )

a little lovely…

I’ve been inspired a lot recently by several blogs I follow. Many I try to link on the right side of my blog ——->

I’m entering a new journey in my life that has been something of well… the unexpected. Almost a month ago I have a new job as a housewife and doing some fun projects for some extra cash here and there. As a freelance graphic designer, I’m doing some cool cycling jerseys and invitations, but I’m also re-purposing furniture, sewing aprons and anything else I can get a hold of. In my journey, I’m starting to do things for me. There are several projects around the house that I’ve been itching to do since we moved in last May, but after a serious knee injury, surgery, starting grad school, working insane number of hours, quitting grad school and realizing that I want to go back to school but for interior design – well, now here’s my chance.

Since the first time we entered this house, I was IN LOVE with all the black. See, I have an obsession with a few things, and as an artist color is one of them. Not just any color. Chartreuse. Black. White. Turquoise. And let’s throw in splashes and accents of red. I can’t get enough. I’m starting to realize I put those colors in every room but just in different ways. So, one of the first things I’ve wanted to do since entering our house was to do something fun with the chandelier shades. I’ve never had them before and am in total admiration for french inspired shades that cost a pretty penny. You know, the metal ones that are hand painted in metallic paint? This weekend, I finally got my chance. I rounded up my hot glue gun, ball fringe and ribbon and got to it. A little less than an hour later, I had this:

chandelier shade

shade 2

Another project that I have done lately was inspired by a Rate My Space find on HGTV’s site by my friend Lindsey. I wish I could find the original link to give the original poster a “shout-out”. Lindsey and I spent one afternoon painting all of our pots black and adding fun white accents. I filled mine with lots of color and randomness inspired by my mother the plant lady. Unlike her, I have an art degree – not one in soil science. But she has passed along some great tips. My flowers have already grown a lot and I look forward for them to fill up the pot!

flower pot
flower pots
flower pots

I have found a lot of new inspirations and have a lot of new projects planned. Come back for more!

triston + 6 months

tristonI did a photo shoot with Cassie, Carly and Triston on Saturday.  I’m really pleased about how well the photos turned out, especially since we were dealing with a bright afternoon sun and a little one.  The lighting, even in the shade, turned out to work well for us!  Check it out!

the few… the proud….

TuckerMy brother, Tucker, graduates from Marine officer school in Quantico, Virgina today!  I’m proud of him!  Wish I could be in attendance and see my family, but it just wasn’t possible.  We’ll get to see him in a few days when he’s driving down I-40 on his way to his newest assignment in San Diego, California.

Congrats, 2nd Lt. Jackson!  Love you!

Sew cool….

Santa brought me a gift I have been wanting a really long time! My parents got me the Martha Stewart edition Singer sewing machine. I started sewing when I was a kid, but never really got into it much.

I began sewing by hand on many if my stationary & graphic design projects. I’m looking forward to using my machine to make it a little easier and less time consuming.

My first project was a vallance for my bathroom. I had purchased about 5 yards of light aqua fabric from The Muse about a year ago & haven’t done anyhing with it. I went back and purchased a complimentary fabric with a yummy leopard print and some trims – which were splurge items. 🙂 I found an awesome curtain rod with brown glass knobs at Walmart for $13. The bottom trim matches it perfectly! It tries the room perfectly together! SO much better than the blinds that came with the house. I’ll post before & after photos soon!

Greetings from Central America!

Today was our first day to visit Universidad Latina where we will be staying & seeing the city. It’s still surreal & I can’t believe I’m really here. Our host parents are Ivannia & Diego. They have a son & a daughter. The family is really nice!

We are sharrong the home with 4 18 ye old girls from Germany & a guy from the states.

We got to go to one market & I was able to get 5 Christmas gifts for $20!

Tomorrow is our first day of class. We walk to school and it’s about a 35-40 minute treck.

I uploaded a few photos to Will not be able to carry my big camera around much. It’s a safety measure so it’s not stolen.

Anyway, gotta get back to reading!

¡pura vida!

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